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Although Umbria is the cradle of peace and tranquillity, it is also a dynamic region, rich in initiatives and cultural, musical and commemorative events.

Beginning from those situated in the immediate vicinity of Borgo Mandoleto up to those of international importance we remember:

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It should also be emphasized, the importance of food and wine of this region with numerous chocolate laboratories, the traditional delicatessen and especially with the “Roads of Wine” (www.stradevinoeolio.umbria.it) offers unforgettable sensory paths.

To such purpose it goes remembered the MUSEUM OF THE WINE of Torgiano, that founded in 1974, collects historical finds and works of art of inestimable value.


sponsored by the Foundation Brunello and Federica Cucinelli and organized by the choir “Canticum Novum” directed by Fabio Ciofini, was born in 1998 and since then, every year is a crescendo of success and participation of international artists.

During the days of the festival, which normally takes place in the first weekend of July, the small village of Solomeo, flooded with notes, patterns and musical harmonies becomes an auditorium and a meeting point for lovers of classical music.

The intent of the Cucinelli family who, through the Foundation, sponsors this event, is to popularize and spread the repertoire of classical music, generally considered by tradition accessible only to experts and “insiders”.

For further information, visit www.festivalvillasolomei.it


It is not only a party, but a review of initiatives, of good music and good kitchen. This manifestation, born in 1979, has gone in the course of the years characterizing itself more and more like a Renaissance historical representation.

This event is the result of the organizational effort carried out with passion by the members of the Philharmonic Society and by the entire town of Solomeo.

The festival takes place in the last ten days of July and visitors, walking through the narrow streets of the village, among medieval markets, magicians, jesters, fire eaters and falconers and, accompanied by the inhabitants dressed in splendid Renaissance costumes, can enjoy wonderful dishes of good Umbrian cuisine at the Antica Taverna (open every evening from 19.30) and be pampered at the “Domus Delitiae” tasting delicious desserts to the sound harmonious and peaceful music of another era.

For further information, visit www.solomeo.pg.it


The August Corcianese is an evocative event, which is organized in the small town of Corciano, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, in the month of August.

This event that is repeated annually since 1965, transforms the village of Corciano in a stage where you can immerse yourself in the world of culture in all its nuances, including theatrical performances, meetings dedicated to visual art, cinema, music, food and wine, historical reenactments.     2nd decade of August

For more information, visit www.corcianofestival.it


Every year on the day of the Christian feast of Corpus Christi tradition dictates that the streets, covered by the religious procession, are covered by paintings made with petals, but here in Spello this custom becomes a unique spectacle. The infioratori spellani work the whole year in search of flowers of different colors and, indispensable for the realization of stupendous pictures of extraordinary beauty and vivacity that last only a few hours and dissolve after the passage of the solemn procession.

In Spello the infiorata is also a healthy competition that creates moments of aggregation, to be enjoyed in the night hours preceding the day of the festival and the strip of flowers, about 15 km long at the end is subject to evaluation by a jury that decides the winning infiorata.

For more information, visit www.infioratespello.it


“Città della Pieve- is a historical reenactment of the Renaissance, where the central point of the event is represented by a challenge between the Terzieri, whose purpose is to hit the silhouette of a bull with bow and arrows. This race is preceded by a grandiose and spectacular historical procession of about 700 participants, adorned with wonderful clothes, inspired by the greatest son of Città della Pieve “the divine painter” Pietro Vannucci said “the Perugino”.

During the manifestation, that embraces the period of ferragosto, they remain in function the characteristics taverns, games, challenges, reconstructions of medieval historical moments in the marvelous scenery of Città della Pieve.

For further information, visit www.paliodeiterzieri.it


This event, which has ancient origins, represented a celebration of spring, the awakening of nature, life that reborn after the winter torpor. At the time, such celebrations were manifested with poetic compositions, songs and dances, to the writing of which it seems that the same St. Francis excelled.

In the medieval period, also Assisi is affected by the political influences of the nearby Florence and also here there is the opposition between Guelphs and Ghibellines that in this place is manifested through the dispute between the most important families, that of the Rivers and Nepis. This conflict between the 2 factions ends up dividing the town between “Assisi de sopra” and “Assisi de sotto”.

In the period of the spring festival, this opposition, took shape in a real challenge of compositions in verse (songs of May from which the name) and that has been handed down to date with the feast of Calendimaggio.

For further information, visit www.calendimaggiodiassisi.com


The Festival of Umbriajazz is born in the first years ’70 from a meeting between friends in a bar of the historical center of Perugia that today does not exist more. The first edition goes up again to 1973 and the stage was Villalago of Piediluco with an evening organized to Perugia in Piazza IV November where they debuted in Italy the Weather Report. Already to the beginnings appeared clear the success of such initiative and that spurs a merchant perugino Carlo Pagnotta, impassioned of jazz, to solicit the engagement of the public agencies for the realization of this festival.

From then the run of UJ has been a crescendo of successes, made exception for 4 years (78/82) of silence (resenting of the political problems that were in the air in the “years of lead”).

Today UJ has become one of the most famous and important Jazz festivals in the world. In the 10 days of July in which it is developed UJ, Perugia is transformed in a musical village where to every hour can be listened to music between plazas, streets and medieval monuments. 7-16 July 2022 .

For more information, visit www.umbriajazz.com


To Gubbio May 15 of every year is repeated like from ancient tradition the famous Race of the ceri.

The ceri are of the colossal machines of wood, of the height of approximately 4 meters, to whose summit they come placed the statues of Sant’Ubaldo (protector of Gubbio and cero of the masons), Saint George (cero of the artisans), Sant’Antonio (cero of the farmers) that come carried in race until the Sanctuary of sant’Ubaldo, to the summit of the Igino Mountain. This tradition has ancient origins. The first testimonies, in fact, go up again to the death of the spiritual father of Gubbio, Ubaldo, that was canonized in 1192 from Pope Celestino III and to leave from 1194 was born the custom of a procession with the devotional offer of wax (Luminaria) the evening of the eve of the death of the Saint that happened the 15 August. From that period, overcoming numerous vicissitudes that threatened to decree the end of this race (French Revolutionary period, Napoleonic period, World War II) not only this popular event has survived, but has grown from year to year, becoming a hallmark of the community Eugubina which today more than ever feels with particular fervor and that in those days of the recurrence is pervaded by a particular euphoria and determination and seems to live in a pinwheel of lucid madness.

For further information, visit www.ceri.it


“Trasimeno Blues” is an event that takes place in Umbria every year in July, since 1996 and is entirely dedicated to Blues music in all its forms and mix with other musical genres: from acoustic to electric Blues, Soul to Funk, Afro-Beat to Raggae.

During this itinerant Festival, whose artistic director is Gianluca Di Maggio, the internationally renowned artists perform on different stages located in the picturesque villages along the shores of Lake Trasimeno with breathtaking naturalistic views.

For more information, visit www.trasimenoblues.it